about us

we initially got into the blog craze because we thought it was a great way to keep a diary of our travels. it would always provide us with something to look back upon and allow us to remember what we did and how we did it. it would be our method of remembering, and in the future, our way of reminiscing.

ultimately, we started our very first blog back in october 2007, which documented our travels throughout asia: http://wesleylisa.blogspot.com/

as mentioned above, our blogs were initially meant to be self-serving but we found out that many of you (our friends and family) were very interested in our travels as well! it was neat to share all our experiences with you via the web. some of you mentioned that you were able to travel vicariously through us, as we ventured on our journeys throughout the orient.

however… i found that the blogging sites out there were somewhat lacking and limited. they didn’t look great, they were just kind of blah. i wanted to take our blog to the next level. i wanted our blog to look and feel the way lisa and i intended it to be.

how was i going to do this??? well, i have decided to host our own blog… so this is how wesley & lisa’s blog was born.

so… if you are even remotely interested; then follow us, as we document our everyday lives and everyday encounters with family, friends, food, travel, and life…