Toffee Wong. September 6, 2007 – October 21, 2021

Toffee was born on September 6th, 2007. She went to doggy heaven on October 21st, 2021 at 9:56am in the presence of her daddy and her mommy. She lived to 14 years old. Her biological parents were a Standard Poodle father, and a Golden Retriever mother. Born in Gibson, BC at Winsome Kennels; she was born into a litter of multiple puppies in what seemed like a feral environment at the since defunct Winsome Kennel property. She’s survived by her two siblings; her younger brother Connor; and her younger sister Isla. Her siblings loved her to the moon and back.

Toffee was the first baby for her parents, Lisa Wong and Wesley. Her mom would pick her out of a litter of many puppies because Toffee was the one with her ears down and looked the sweetest. She brightened up their lives and made every day a happier one. Right from the moment when she would put her chin on her Daddy’s bed and just stare at him until he woke up. (“OK Toffee, Daddy will wake up now.”)

If you knew Toffee, you knew that Toffee loved balls, and squeaky toys. She loved to fetch and could do it for hours on end. Some would say she had OCD with this particular past time, regardless, her daddy would always partake in this favourite past time of hers. This was especially true at the town house complex that she grew up in, off Blundell Road in Richmond, BC.

She was the gentlest soul. One could count on one’s hand the number of times she barked in her lifetime. There was not a mean bone in her body. She could turn people whom were scared of dogs, into dog lovers. She did that to her grandmother and grandfather. For the grandparents evolved into dog lovers. They would often cut up carrots, and hand feed it to her, covered in peanut butter.

Toffee helped her parents raise her siblings. She was always there as a calming presence for her brother and sister. She was always there to be a pillow to lie on, or there to just be present and listen to your problems.

Toffee was a great listener, and incredibly disciplined. She would walk and heel beside you unleashed, could do so on a busy street, and be trusted to do so. She had an excellent recall and would always come when asked. This discipline also provided her with a lot of freedom. With that trust, her parents could always just leave her out in the front yard while she basked in the sun and said hi to passing neighbours. Because she was so well behaved, Toffee would always trek with the family wherever they went. She loved car rides and sticking her head out of the window, feeling the cool breeze against her face and dangling tongue.

Kids loved her too, especially when she would walk to her siblings’ school to pick them up. All the kids loved her and knew her by name. They would get her to do tricks like roll over, sit, spin, etc. She would always listen and abide, and make the kids smile.

Toffee loved food, and treats. She was 50% golden retriever after all. Her parents fed her a healthy diet and was never given any human food; until her later years that is, where daddy and mommy became much more lenient. 😊

She had so many friends…human and doggy friends. Her best doggy friend was also her oldest friend, Butters. They were friends for 12 years. A West Highland Terrier, Butters, had to put up with Toffee’s high energy, but as they got older, they would often snuggle with one another during bed time. She had a golden doodle cousin, Skylar. They would compete for balls while fetching for hours on end and would have many slumber parties together during sleepovers. She would also befriend a King Cavalier named Bentley, where they would spend many hours together at her dad’s crossfit gym, competing for a chuck-it ball. In her older years, she would befriend younger friends such as Mali, and Toby. She was forever patient with the younger pups but would periodically put them in their place when needed to! Her human friends, much too numerous to list, meant everything to her. They treated her with so much love and kindness; and she would reciprocate that in return. She especially loved her Uncle Ben Hui, and Aunty Wyanet Wong; and of course her adopted parents, Andy Woo and Christine (Butters Lee).

Toffee was quite the traveler as well. Camping trips at Golden Ears, and Cultus Lake were regular destinations. Road trips to Seattle and the Interior were always on the docket. And there were yearly trips to Whistler where she could play in her beloved snow. Her last trip was a RV Trip with her family throughout BC in August of 2021. She loved every minute of it, and was able to rediscover swimming on this adventure.

Toffee loved to go to work with Daddy. Where she would swim in the river and greet all her dad’s coworkers. During lunch hour, they would sometimes go to Rice Lake for a trail run together, but more often than not, she would be sitting by Daddy’s feet under his desk while he worked. She loved to spend time with her dad.

In her later years, Toffee started to slow down. She developed a condition called degenerative myelopathy, a disease affecting the spinal cord, which resulted in hind limb weakness and paralysis. It didn’t stop her though; she would still partake in regular walks with her family. Her parents would initially help her in her walks with a harness, but eventually, she would need a doggy wheelchair to assist her in walking. A wheelchair kindly lent to her by her human friend, Richard Basford. This enabled her to maintain a noble quality of life.

Toffee’s first sibling showed up in 2010, when she was 3. By this time, Toffee was a teenager, and could have showed some jealousy with all the attention that was being given to her brother. Toffee never showed a morsel of envy, however. She would care for Connor and love Connor unconditionally. Connor would return that love.

Toffee’s second sibling would arrive in 2013. She would help raise Isla and would somehow infect her cheer and happiness to her younger sister. Her sister would adopt Toffee’s carefree attitude, and love of life.

The three of them would spend the years watching one another grow and progress. Connor and Isla would both share an unspeakable bond with Toffee full of unrelenting love and care.

Toffee loved her mom to no end, and her mom loved her just as much. When her mom started working from home, she would keep her mom company while she worked away. Through her mom’s numerous meetings, and stressful job; Toffee was always there to provide her mom with comfort, and it was mutual. In Toffee’s older age, her mom would worry about her like mothers do; and her mom would provide her with the tenderness and loving care that moms always do.

Finally, Toffee’s dad loved her so damn much. Toffee knew this with all her heart, for Toffee felt the same about her daddy. Toffee also knew that her daddy would be heartbroken on this eventual day, but wants her daddy to know that he and mommy gave Toffee the best life a dog could want. Toffee treasured every day with her dad, and she knows that daddy did too.

Toffee was visited by her numerous friends and family the night before her passing. She was encircled by so much love. She spent her last morning at home surrounded by her loving brother and sister, with tears and big hugs. Toffee’s last breath would be taken while her mommy and daddy hugged and held her. She would pass away peacefully, and serenely. Her spirit now in doggy heaven.

I know that people always say they have the best dog, but you truly were the perfect dog Toffee. You had ONLY the best qualities. Thank you for being the best dog an owner could ask for. Thank you for all the memories. Thank you for your unconditional love. Thank you for being you. We love you Toffee, you’ll be truly missed. May you rest in peace my sweet baby. 🌈❤️

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