Osoyoos, Legion Beach

Kit, Justin and the girls prepared breakfast for us today.  Waffles, pancakes, eggs, and sausages was on the menu.   Yummm!

By 9am it was a mild 15 degrees, and sunny!   We took our time in the morning getting ready.  The kids all greeted the local horses on the ranch.  The horses love to be pet and seem to like the kids company.   The kids also played some baseball and rode their bikes.

I took my bike around the ranch, and rode along the 49th parallel for about a 750m – 1 km.   I did a circle on the ranch trail, and enjoyed a nice hilly, up and down ride through the local terrain. The blue dot is me.

Before you knew it, it was time to pack up the RVs and head to Osoyoos which is about a 25 minute drive away.  We took a few photos at the top of the mountain side of Highway 3 before making the crazy drive down.  From this lookout…  “Although the town lies only 3 km to the west as the proverbial crow flies, it is a tortuous 8 km descent along Hwy 3 to the valley floor. The highway drops approximately 460 metres (1,500 feet) in elevation by the time it reaches Osoyoos.”   It’s a pretty insane drive down with quite a few switchbacks.   And because we are so close to the US border, a lot of what you see of the view is actually the States. Photos don’t do it justice. Oh, and it’s called Anarchist Mountain! What a name!

Here’s a photo that I found off the internet….

And some we took…

We found a dog friendly beach called Legion Beach.  We would be spending the entire day there, lake side!   Justin brought an inflatable 6 man boat, of which he went out with Craig and Connor to do some fishing on Osoyoos lake.

The rest of the kids played on some floaties that the Chin’s and Wong’s brought.   Everyone also had a go on Matthea’s paddleboard, even Lisa!  

The greatest part of the day was when we put a kid’s lifejacket under the hind legs of Toffee.   We did this, because I was initially going to bring her on the Paddleboard with me.  However, when we had the lifejacket on her, a lightbulb moment went off with Tammy, and she said; why don’t you just have her swim?   And swim she did!!!   It was so heartwarming to see.   It was like she was a fully able doggy again.  She must have did it for about 30 minutes. 

The girls were able to hangout on a huge giant floatie that the Chin’s brought..

For lunch, we had meatball subs!

Some other photos from the day…

Afternoon snack of sardines and chips!

We eventually packed up and left the beach around 5:30 and we headed towards downtown Osoyoos to have some gelato! 

We got back to the ranch around 7pm where we were treated to a nice sunset and greeted by the ranch’s resident horses.

Here’s Toffee enjoying the sunset:

Everyone showered, and cleaned up. 

We had a fairly late dinner, and that’s what happens when each day is fluid and flexible.  There’s no schedule to follow, and no time limits.  It’s very liberating! 

On the menu this evening would be carbonara pasta and corn on the cob.  As always, it was gourmet and appetizing.

We sat by the fire under the stars, and just enjoyed the night.  It got chilly, even though we were sitting by the fire, so the adults called it a night at around 11pm.  

It was a great day, here’s to another one tomorrow!