It’s come to an end…. waaaahhhhh

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So our first ever RV trip has come to an end. A very successful one at that. You know it’s good, when during the drive home, it sinks in, and your daughter begins to cry and needs consoling from her Mom.

It was an unforgettable 2 weeks driving through BC made all the better by being able to spend it with some of our closest friends. So here’s the longest run-on sentence you’ll read to summarize our past fortnight.

From Caribou Bonanza, to catching frogs, to the beautiful and serene Wells Gray Provincial Park, to the jaw dropping Helmcken Falls, to bumpy roads, to serene lakes, to pizza at the lake, to waterfalls, to toe tingling Golden suspension bridges, to a gas station, to zip lines, to Tim Horton’s instant coffee, to the inspiring TransCanada Highway Rogers Pass, to pipe coasters down a mountain, to the Fairmont Athletic Club, to warm swimming pools, to hikes, to Hoodoo!, to thunder and lightning, to amazing meals from around the world, to ice cream sandwiches, to beautiful weather, to happy doggos, to a gas station, to many smiles, to rainy weather, to skipping rocks, to coca cola, to free ferries, to swimming, to lakes, to fishing, to amazing vistas, to rocky beaches, to sandy beaches, to a rejuvenated swimming doggy, to rain tarps, to sardines and chips, to paddle boarding, to lounging in a floatie, to fire pits, to fire pits that run out of propane, to dirty doggos, to Nude vodka, to more incredible meals, to a gas station, to ice cream!, to windy mountain roads that are ‘Anarchist’, to fishing, to friendly horses, to sour keys, to Family Olympics! (to be continued), to coffeemate, to beach volleyball, to movie night in the RV with popcorn, to a gas station, to many laughs, to whiskey, to catching grasshoppers, to 31 (card game), to a boy’s 11th birthday, to 2600 kilometers, and finally last but not least… to amazing times with amazing friends.

That’s all she wrote folks. Our first, and definitely not last RV trip. We made memories that will last a lifetime, all the while spending it with great company. The kids, and the adults all loved it. It will be an experience that I will never forget.

Until next time.