Happy 11th Birthday Connor! (on the road)

Connor woke up nice and early to take a call from Ama and Angkong.  He’s been very excited to have this birthday.  I climbed into the top bunk with the kids to hang out with them for a bit in the morning and they love that. 

Breakfast first!  Lots and lots of bacon and hash browns.  And Erica made some crepes with Nutella and banana. 

It was quite late by the time we finished breakfast and we were going to head out again to go fishing so I decided that we would have Connor’s cake first before we left.  I had bought a Blizzard ice cream cake from Dairy Queen in Nelson on the way to here.  It almost melted in my freezer, thank goodness Tammy’s freezer was able to freeze it back!  I brought some decorations from home and we blew up some balloons.   We sang happy birthday against this amazing backdrop.  We didn’t know what to get him as a present  because he couldn’t tell us what he wanted.  Wes made a great decision to buy him a jersey because he was quite happy with it!

The kids played some baseball, and Isla took Toffee for a walk.

They were also catching grasshoppers! And Connor got pretty good at it!

We then packed up and headed to Haynes Park Point.  We asked Justin and Craig to take Connor out fishing for his bday and they happily obliged!  It’s this thin strip of land that sticks out into the middle of Okanagan like.  It’s a provincial park and you can camp here.  It’s quite nice because each site has it’s own access to the lake.  Apparently it’s the hardest campsite to book for in BC.  It’s really  nice here.  It’s not busy here today so we were able to park our RVs easily and also pull out the awning and our chairs. 

While the boys blew up the boat, the ladies made lunch.  Onigiri with salmon and imitation crab!  That was a hit and easy to eat.  The fantastic meals continue..

The kids went out in the boat in two batches with Justin and Craig.  They caught 5 little perch!  Connor caught two and Isla finally caught one!  So happy for her because she was quite sad she hasn’t caught one yet.

The rest of the adults hung around the RV and snacked and played cards. 

By the time we rolled out of the park, it started to rain!! No!!  Tammy cooked up her marinated chicken thighs and rice and it was a hit.  So good.  We also ate the fish that the kids caught!

It’s raining and we can’t even use the two tanks we filled up just before we got back to camp.  Sigh.  We sent the kids to the RVs, and some of us adults hung out in ours.  Tammy, Justin and Erica came by to chat and have a couple of drinks.  It’s an early night for us.  We have to leave for home early tomorrow. 

All in al today was a great day for Connor!  He seemed quite happy all day.  He liked his present, got a cake on the road, spent the day with friends and went out to do his favorite thing right now which is fishing.  Lucky boy!

What C is like at 11:

  • Still a very agreeable, easy kid in general.  We never really have to punish him for anything.  He will randomly lie about showering but I’ve caught on with Isla’s help.  She will tell on him when he comes out of the shower and his towel isn’t wet, or if the shower door isn’t wet.  Lol.
  • Loves baseball right now after playing ball in the spring.  He even regretted not playing summer ball.
  • He has 3 best friends from school right now – Jack, Ben and Ashton.  They go out biking and hang out on their own now.  The moms basically serve as their secretaries but once we set a time they basically go out on their own.  They will house hop and have snacks in each house.  So cute.
  • He is still learning guitar but he doesn’t practice as much as he should so he doesn’t seem to be improving as much as I would like.
  • He can now multiply and divide using his mental math!
  • He still loves all his stuffies, all 100 of them. 
  • He still gets along with his sister for the most part – they will still happily play together as long there isn’t devices around.  They also still sleep in the same room together.
  •  He loves Pho and Japanese food.  He is always asking what is for lunch or dinner.
  • He’s a huge Blue Jays fan, and his favourite player is Vladdy Guerrero Jr.
  • He loves watching sports, just like his Dad
  • He has terrible penmanship like his Dad
  • His eyes aren’t the greatest, prescription of 5 something!
  • He throws a mean spiral
  • He’s a great student at school
  • He loves to read
  • He currently likes to play Pokemon Go, Fortnite, and loves watching people play games on YouTube