Family Olympics, Gyro Beach

The day started around 8:30am.   We had spam sandwiches with cheese and brioche buns.  

After breakfast, we relaxed before our next round of Family Olympics!  Going into today, The Chin’s and Wong/Ikari’s were first and second.   In last place was us!  D’oh!

Today’s events would include the water balloon tossing event, and the sponge bucket challenge, and the gum ball spoon transfer.

We finished last in the water balloon contest with the Chin’s winning again!  While the Wong/Ikari’s were 2nd and we finished last.

As for the sponge bucket challenge, we came in 2nd by 1 ml.  Yeah, you read that right, 1 measly milliliter!  The Wong/Ikari’s won that challenge. I did manage to get the most volume of water out of everyone though. Small win!

And in the gum ball spoon transfer, we finished 2nd again (no thanks to me) as Isla and Mommy were very good at this event.

As of now, we’re now tied for 2nd with the Wong/Ikari’s, and the Chin’s have taken a huge lead in the overall standings.

There’s not much to do here in the ranch so we headed back out to find a beach for the kids.  We ended up in Gyro Beach in our own little section in a grassy area.  Kids had tons of fun here.  It’s not very busy so we were able to use the volleyball net most of the time we were there.  Haven’t played beach volleyball in a while. 

Wes and Craig went out to buy McDs and saved us from having to cook a meal.  I can’t believe it’s only our second meal that we had to buy this whole trip!

The kids also had some fun on the water…

Kids also enjoyed some crushed ice.  It wasn’t very good but kids were happy with it.

Taking Toffee for a stroll…

We finally packed up and went back to camp around 7ish and we weren’t in too much of a rush because we planned to eat leftovers tonight.  We had leftover meatballs with buns and pasta, leftover Japanese curry, and also made a kewpie salad.  Yumm the kids love the meatballs.

It’s been cold here at night and the kids usually hog the firepit and the adults have to wait until they go to bed.  But we put them in an RV tonight to watch a movie, and the adults came out for our last, late night together.  And another night for a face mask!

It’s too bad we forgot to fill up propane!  We ran out of heat pretty early!  It was so sad.  We had to pull out the hot pot stove to get more fire, which was sad.  The Erica has genius idea of putting the tarp over the umbrella and then hanging out under there with the stove to conserve the heat.  It worked!  We were able to play cards in there for a while before we called it a night. 

Our second to last night together.  The kids are starting to get sad.  =(