See ya later Kokanee Bay Chalets!

We left the RV park quite early and headed toward Crawford Bay, and the lake nearby.  Not before some congee and taking Toffee for a walk.

Crawford Bay is nice calm bay on the north side of Kootenay lake.   We drove there in our RVs which was only a 2 minute drive from the RV park.

We spent all the morning there, and also had lunch there.  The ladies made chili dogs and we reheated the French fries (leftovers from Tim’s Fish n’ chips) in the air fryer.  

The kids all did some fishing and some swimming.  The lake itself was pretty cold, but I took a dip in it regardless.   Craig and Justin did some fishing but sadly, they didn’t catch anything.

It was a really chill morning/afternoon.  

After lunch, we made our way over to the Kootenay Lake Ferry.  We had the option of taking the 2:50pm ferry or the 3:40pm ferry.  Seeing as it would be 4 hours (including the ferry ride) to our next destination, we packed up hastily and rushed our way to the ferry.  It was only a 10 minute drive from where we were.  The ferry would travel from Kootenay Bay (east side) to Balfour on the west side of the lake.  It would essentially enable to us to save about an hour of driving, and a bunch of gasoline as well.   It is also the World’s longest free scenic ferry ride!   It travels for about 8km and takes about 35 minutes.

We all got to the ferry terminal, but the ferry we were going on could only hold 28 vehicles.   We got on without issue, but the Wong’s were the 28th vehicle, and unfortunately, the 29th vehicle was the Chin’s.   So the Chin’s had to take the 3:40pm ferry.

The ferry ride itself was beautiful, and was just so BC.   

When we reached Balfour, we made our way off the ferry, and west on Highway 3A past Nelson and towards Castlegar.  This took a little bit over an hour.  Lisa called around to some Dairy Queen’s and preordered a Blizzard ice cream cake for Connor’s birthday of which was coming up!

We then made a pit stop for some gas and then we were off again to Grand Forks.   This again would be about an hour drive. 

We stopped off here to pickup some groceries at Save-on-foods, and some more liquor for the adults.  

We then made our final hour drive towards Arosa Ranch RV Park, which would be our last and final RV site that we would be staying at.   They were able to accommodate us a day early (for we left kokanee chalets a day early).   This place is pretty nice.  It’s not busy, and there’s ample room for us.   Sadly, there’s not much for the kids to do on the ranch (there is a playground, and some hiking trails).   We are actually located a 10 minute walk from the USA border.  That’s how far south we are right now, and we are about a 25 minute drive from Osoyoos of which we’ll be heading to tomorrow.

The ladies immediately began to prepare dinner.  On the menu this evening would be char-siu, Chinese sausage, zucchini, kai-lan and rice!  Spectacular as per always!

The geographic location of where we are situated is pretty much desert like weather.  It’s dry and hot, but gets very cold in the evening.  So cold in fact, that it would get to a low of 6 degrees this evening.  Luckily, with our RVs we have full electricity and propane which provides us with heat.   Needless to say, the adults huddled around our propane fueled portable fire pit (of which I might add has been an amazing purchase 3 years ago).  We’ve used the firepit almost every evening, and have had to refill our 2 propane tanks, once already ($13 refill!)

We stayed up until one of the propane tanks ran out of fuel, and then called it a night.  It’s cold and crisp, but the night sky is filled with stars on a clear, beautiful evening.

Until tomorrow!