I must say, RVing is pretty awesome.   Wherever you drive, you pretty much have the convenience of your house with you.   Say you’re on the road, away from the RV site,  and you’re going to the beach.  Oh, you forgot your bathing suit?   Oh, it’s in the RV!   You need to heat up some water for coffee?  Sure, just filter some water from the tap and heat it up on the stove top.  Need to go use the washroom?  Sure, it’s right there.   Oh it’s lunch time; ok let’s just cook in the RV.   You’re tired and want to take a nap?  Sure, just head back to the RV and relax.   You’re dirty and need to shower?   Sure, no problem!  Oh, we need some cold drinks… let’s get it from the RV fridge!

I’d highly recommend it as a way to travel, if you want to see a bunch of stuff along the way, and just explore.   It would actually be incredibly economical if we didn’t have to rent the RV for that’s been the bulk of the cost.   Other than that, it’s really just gas, $40-$50/might at a RV park, and then food (which has been cheap because we’ve been preparing all of our meals ourselves).    So really the key is to find some friends whom own RVs hahahaha.

I love the flexibility of it and being able to come and go as you please.   I’ve been trying to make frequent stops on our drives too.  Stop at viewpoints or points of interest whenever I can.  

We’re really in no rush, so taking the time to just explore…. It’s nice to just do whatever you want.    Having the comfort of the RV is also awesome because the kids can nap too.  Case in point…

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