Inclement weather

We left Fairmont Hot Springs in the morning after doing some laundry.  We didn’t even bother making breakfast that morning, instead Lisa heated up some water and made some cup o’ noodles for the kids.

We made our way down Highway 93 for a bit over an hour to Cranbrook.  Cranbrook is a pretty big city!  We ended up getting some Tim Horton’s and Wendy’s for lunch, then we parked in the Superstore parking lot while Lisa got some more groceries.  We spent about an hour in Cranbrook restocking items, we continued on to Creston. 

Creston is a small town, but Tammy found a spot for lunch at a place called Tim’s Fish & Chips.  We had 4 huge pieces of fish, along with a ton of fries for a reasonable $20!  We enjoyed our meal, then made our way out to a gas station to fill-up.   It was a reasonable 1.459/liter.

Speaking of which, gas is obviously a huge expense when RV’ing especially when in Canada.  However, I think we’ve only spent about $500 on gasoline thus far.  Considering all the driving we’ve been doing, it hasn’t been as bad as I expected.  It probably also helps that I haven’t been driving all that fast.  LOL. 

We then headed up Highway 3A towards our next destination, Crawford Bay.  The RV park of which we would be staying is called Kokanee Bay Chalets (fancy right?)

Along the way, we made some stops at some scenic areas.  The first place was called Kuskanook Harbour.  We just stopped for a brief 5 minutes, then headed up North again. 

We drove up the East side of Kootenay Lake.  It’s a 104 km long, and 5 km wide.  It’s fed by the Kootenay river.  It’s a pretty huge lake.  The deepest part of the lake being 150m!

Our second stop along the way was Lockhart Beach.  We parked along the side of the highway of the Provincial park, and made our way across the highway and down towards the beach.  We spent 30-45 minutes skipping rocks, throwing wood into the lake, and Connor also found a caterpillar of which Isla and Connor names Pumpkin.

Unfortunately, the skies up North looked precarious.  Of course, we were headed that direction.

Eventually we got to Kokanee Bay Chalets at 6pm.  Sadly, it was now starting to rain, and well… the RV park itself wasn’t the greatest.   We quickly setup our RVs and the guys put up the rain tarps.   Luckily we did, for it rained… HEAVY for the rest of the evening.

We spent the time huddled under the tarps, away from the crazy thunder and lightning!   It was pretty insane, and it seems so close too.  The rain was a torrential downpour, but at least we were covered.

The ladies made a tiger prawn and spaghetti pasta, yum!  

Connor and Tyler both watched Space Jam in the RV.

We called it a night pretty early.   We actually made the decision that we would be leaving this RV park a day early (for it really wasn’t that nice, and the rain certainly didn’t help).   Until tomorrow!