We didn’t have much planned for the day, for the weather was uncertain. So we were going to be playing it by ear today.

The Moms ended up preparing a pretty creative breakfast. Avocado, with a fried egg in a pesto sauce along with toasted brioche buns. Dude, the good eats just keep coming and coming!

The Chin’s and Lisa ended up doing laundry at the Pavilion a few steps away from our RV It’s very convenient, and it’s nice having clean sheets, and clothes for another week.

After breakfast, we were mulling around deciding what to do. I looked up some nearby hiking trails and found one called the Hoodoo Trails. It was a 7 minute drive away, and was apparently a nice hike.

We ended up at the trail head, and immediately at the start of our hike, we saw a white tailed deer. Was this a sign of good things to come? We hiked up hill for maybe 15-20 minutes, and we were at the summit of the hiking trail! The views of the Columbia river, Columbia Lake, and Dutch Creek, all the while standing on the Dutch Creek Hoodoo formations was pretty awesome. It was quite the payoff for such a short hike!

What’s a hoodoo you ask? Straight from wiki: The Dutch Creek Hoodoos are formed just like all other Hoodoos form. Over time as the ground shifts and moves cracks form that causes pockets to form. When rain begins to fall it is easily caught in the cracks and can often settle within those pockets. As temperatures drop the water freezes and expands the pockets often causing larger portions of rock to break off. This process is referred to as Ice Wedging and the repeating of this process causes the formation of a Fin. When ice wedging occurs within the fin a Window can form and when a window can no longer support the weight it breaks and leaves behind what we now call a Hoodoo.

Here are some photos of our hike.

After our hike, we headed back to the RV park, and the girls once again prepared lunch. This time it was chicken congee with green onions and ginger. Yummmmmmmm. It was a nice clean, light lunch.

All the while, I was prepping dinner in the RV. Smashburgers would be on the menu.

During this time, the kids played some boardgames, and eventually it was time for Family Olympics again! Prior to today, our family was in 1st place, with the other Wong’s in second, and the Chin’s coming in third.

Today’s events would include, the whipped cream eating challenge, the flip cup tic tac toe challenge, the blindfolded water cup challenge and finally the Oreo cookie face challenge.

The whipped cream eating challenge was relatively simple… eat it as fast as you could.

The flip cup tic tac toe challenge was next, and as you can see, Connor won this round, beating Uncle Justin. This was a round robin challenge, and the finalists ended up being Tyler playing his dad, Kit. Tyler ended up taking it and winning the tic tac toe challenge for his fam!

The next challenge was the blindfolded water filling challenge. The goal is to fill the cup with as much water as possible without overflowing the cup. Then, the cup is weighed. The 4 cups of each family would be added up, and the family with the most water volume would win the challenge. The other Wong’s ended up winning this one by quite the large margin! Tyler again being the man of the hour.

Eli having a go…

Here’s Matt…

Isla ended up with the 2nd highest volume!

Here’s Riley with her attempt…

Here’s Connor…

And here I am…

After this challenge, we had the Oreo Cookie face challenge. With this one, you essentially start with an oreo on your forehead and you have to get it in your mouth without using your hands… it’s pretty hilarious seeing all of the facial expressions on the contestants trying to contort their face muscles to manipulate the movement of an Oreo!

After family Olympics, I started to make dinner. The smashburgers were luckily a hit!

Most of the guys had 2, and that includes Connor! It was raining the entire time, but luckily we had our propane firepit going, as well as a makeshift tarp shelter to block out the wind and the rain.

After dinner, the kids played in the RV, while the adults played some drinking games. It was a very fun day to say the least.