Fairmont Hotsprings Athletics Club ;)

The Chin’s ended up leaving the RV site at about 8am in the morning. Craig has a best friend whom owns a cottage at Wasa Lake. So they spent the day there.

As for the Wong families, we stayed at the RV site all day and made it a day there. We rolled out of bed around 9:30am, while Erica and Lisa prepared sausages and pancakes for us for brekky.

It was a beautiful morning, so we ended up working out. Kit and I did a workout together, while the ladies, Connor and Tyler ran. I was joking that we were the Fairmont Hotsprings Athletic Club. We were definitely getting some raised eyebrows from people. hahaha

You can’t go wrong working out with that backdrop.

After breakfast and working out, the kids wanted to go swimming. So all of us headed to the pool. We went earlier in the day today, where there were RVs leaving, and the new ones hadn’t check in as of yet. So it was much less busy.

The kids could spend all day in there.

After swimming, Erica and Lisa made lunch. They heated up the leftover taiwanese pork sauce, and made some vermicelli noodles. It was a nice way of eating leftovers, but rather than with rice, with rice noodles! We also had an avocado/cucumber salad with ponzu.

After lunch, the kids, along with Erica did some crafts.

Before you knew it, it was 6pm, and the Chins had returned from a fun day lakeside.

The girls prepared dinner, which was Japanese chicken curry with carrots and celery, and air fried chicken skin (because nothing goes to waste here!) as an appetizer.

Lisa also made an amazing mango pudding for dessert.

Before you knew it, it was pretty late. They did their math homework, and then they hung out in one of the RVs. Eventually, we ended up putting the kids to bed.

The parents then hungout by the fire, and the girls put on their scary facial masks again.

We had a late night snack of lightly salted Kettle Chips, and jarred sardines.

It wasn’t a very eventful day, but it was still a very enjoyable one.

Until tomorrow!