The Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 1)

I never knew how beautiful the Trans-Canada Highway was. Our drive up from Hope through to Cache Creek brought about many scenic moments, and roads that would tunnel through the side of a mountain pass. There are many sights and scenic views to behold. Vistas here, and there. Sadly, I’d never taken this highway in the past. Sad to say I know, but it’s taken 44 years of my life to finally explore parts of Beautiful BC of which I haven’t visited before. Then from Cache Creek through to Kamloops, and Shuswap lake, through Salmon Arm, and eventually through to Revelstoke. Again, vistas and scenic views all around.

However, the best came today, when we drove from Revelstoke through to Golden. Highway 1 leads you through Revelstoke National Park, and then eventually through Glacier National Park. The most eye catching must have been when we drove through Rogers Pass, which is a National Historic Site (of which we didn’t visit). It’s a high mountain pass through the Selkirk Mountains. It’s pretty breathtaking.

Unfortunately, our sole photo isn’t a great one… so here’s one I found off the Internet to do it more justice.

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