Revelstoke to Golden to Fairmont Hot Springs

So Lisa’s been doing most of the writing on this blog for this trip (a lot while I’m driving the RV actually). I’ve been posting the photos and the videos, but today I have some time to actually do some of the writing.

Let me just start off by saying how awesome this trip has been so far. This planning was all done by the Moms. Erica, Tammy and Lisa. The kids and the Dads just really had to show up, and enjoy the ride.

The meals, as you have seen have been nothing short of amazing. The ladies have somehow managed to cook us gourmet (most Asian!) meals every day. I mean take breakfast for example… noooo… we didn’t just have a muffin or toast or something, but rather we had a corned beef hash. C’mon man. The ladies also packed the essential appliances, such as a griddle, an air fryer, a hot pot stove, as well as an Insta-pot. It’s been stellar to say the least. We’ve been spoiled! Thanks Moms!!! Speaking of which… here’s breakfast:

We packed up, and left the campsite to get off to our next destination. I’m getting used to the whole RV setup now. Our RV for example is run on 2 house batteries (not sure the size and voltage). There is also solar panels that can charge those batteries, as well as an inverter. When plugged in to a 30amp power source at the RV sites, we have enough power to run everything. That would include the power to light the pilot lights for the fridge and the hot water tank, water pump, all the lights, microwave, fans, all power outlets, and the air conditioning. If we weren’t plugged in, the 2 house batteries can power all those items (except for the AC and microwave because they draw too much power). All the while, we have propane which runs the stove and oven, as well as the hot water tank, and also the fridge. It’s all a very effective setup.

Now on top of this, is the water and where it goes. There’s a fresh water storage tank, of which you should top up before you leave for other destinations. This provides water for the hot water tank, the shower, and the taps. There are other storage tanks as well, a black water holding tank (for human waste), as well as a grey water holding tank for shower/tap water. At any RV sites that have ‘full hook-ups’, it means there’s a pipe of which you can hook up your sewage hose from the RV, to the on-site sewage system. You can then connect the water source from the RV site, to the actual RV, to flush out the black water holding tank, and ultimately empty and clean it out. It’s all very efficient and easy to do. You kind of learn some tips and tricks along the way too. For example, when you’re done flushing out the black water holding tank, make sure you fill it with some water (kinda like a toilet bowl) so when human waste travels into the holding tank, it is sitting in water rather than nothing. Anyhow, long story short; all of this is pretty easy, after you get the hang of it.

As in my last posting, we traveled on Highway 1, through to Golden, where we stopped at the 1 year old Golden Skybridge. This was newly opened last year, and it consist of Canada’s highest suspension bridge. “As you perch 426 feet above an expansive canyon, engulfed by the Columbia Valley, the epic views from Golden’s newest, must-visit attraction will take your breath away. The Golden Skybridge rewards with views of the Rocky and Purcell mountain ranges like you’ve never seen before, while a crashing river and 200-foot waterfall thunders below.”

It’s pretty cool, you actually travel through 2 different suspension bridges, and walk along some trails. There’s also a village play park, and the Canyon Edge Challenge Course. “Put your strength and stamina to the test with our fun-for-all-ages ropes course. The Canyon Edge Challenge Course features three different courses with varying degrees of difficulty — including an option for kids — so you can climb, balance, sway and swing while suspended up to 40 feet in the air”

Most of the adults (except for Tammy and Lisa) ended up going. However, only 3 of the kids, Erica, and myself ended up doing the Canyon Edge Challenge Course. I was proud of Isla, for 2 years ago at Revelstoke when we did a similar obstacle course in the air, she couldn’t do it. However this time around, with the help of Elisia and Connor, she was able to overcome her fear. Eli did an awesome job leading Isla and assisting her, while Isla followed, and then Connor came up from behind to help her.

Here are some photos and videos I took…

As mentioned, Tammy and Lisa stayed behind and conveniently, in the RV, prepared lunch for the rest of us while we were having fun.

We ended up eating in the parking lot, lol. By this time, it was already 5pm. We actually lost an hour, because we crossed over (during our drive East) in the Mountain time zone. So instead of 4pm, it was now 5pm. In other words, we had a really late lunch.

We ended up arriving at our next RV campground called the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort. at about 7pm. The kids napped on the 1.5 hour drive, and Lisa was able to catch some shut eye as well.

The RV campsite is really nice. There’s a hotel on site, as well as a huge heated pool and hot tub as well as a beautiful mountain back drop.

Kit and I ended up taking the kids swimming, from 8pm – 9pm. During this time, the ladies prepared dinner (beef brisket with tendon, daikon radish and bok choy… like I said, stellar food!). The kids had a great time in the pool, before it closed for the night. Here’s Isla with Matthea. Isla lovessssssss Matt.

We finished swimming, showered, and eventually had dinner at about 945pm (845pm PST remember).

I ended up calling it a night early, and headed back to the RV to do some work, then some blogging. The kids slept at about 1030pm. They’ve been having an awesome time on this trip, and all the kids get along so well. I hope they keep these memories and look back fondly on these types of moments. I’m happy that we’re able to provide them the opportunity to experience these moments.

It’s 1145pm now, and we’re going to call it a night. Until tomorrow!