And we are off! First stop – Lone Butte

Our day started nice and early at 630am.  We still had some more packing to do, and by the time we left it was about 8am.  Erica and Kit spent the night in Tammy’s driveway and they left together in the morning.  The kids are so excited the woke up so early on their own!

The RV seems to drive much better and smoother on the highway – not so much rattling.  The kids are enjoying all the room they have and Isla is very happy she has a bathroom to use!  These days she’s always stressing out about having to pee on the road.  We can flush toilets and use running water on the RV on the road even though we aren’t hooked up.  But the water is limited to however much we filled up the potable tank with.  Our tank is small at only 26 liters.  But the other have 100 liter tanks!  So  we have to be mindful of how much water we have when we flush or use the tap, and how far we are to camp.  The only we can’t do is use appliances because there’s no power.

We took Hwy 1 and the drive was beautiful.  It’s too bad it wasn’t super clear but it’s not bad considering the circumstances.  The scenery is different the what we’ve seen in the rest of BC.  It feels less tree lined and obviously drier.  We drove by Lytton and saw all the section from the highway that was burnt down.  Hard to imagine Lytton burning down after experiencing that heat dome wave.  The skies were smoggy as expected.  We even saw a helicopter dropping water – seems so futile when you see how much water they can drop.

Our first stop was Cache Creek for some lunch at A&W.  It was scorching hot and very smoggy.   I was definitely worried about our first night because our RV spots only have 15amp power, which isn’t enough for us to use the AC!  waahhhh

We made good time and got to our RV camp in Lone Butte – Cariboo Bonanza –  by about 3pm.  And they had 30amp sites for us to switch to! Woot!  The sites weren’t side by side but they were very close enough.  The camp is beautiful.  There’s so much to do for the kids. There’s a big park, fishing, boating.  I wish we could have stayed here longer than a day because it’s so nice.  And it’s so much clearer here than when we were in Cache Creek, we actually see blue sky! 

Wes got to work hooking up all the power and the water to the RV.  Woot AC! And as much running water as we want!  First thing to do is go fishing!  Craig and Justin rented a boat and took Connor and Riley with them.  Isla was not happy.  She pouted the whole time they were gone because she couldn’t go.  Meanwhile, Matthea was out in her paddleboard.  And the rest of us got busy with starting dinner.

Dinner tonight is instapot beef stew, French bread and Chinese Veg.  IT’s so nice being able to cook outdoors!  We had the instapot plugged into the socket outside the RV, vegetables cooking on the hot pot burner, and French bread toasting on the bbq.  It was a great dinner.  Camp food doesn’t have to be boring!

The kids went off to catch fish all night, they had so much fun.  This place is so nice, I’m sure our next place isn’t going to be anywhere as nice as this.  It’s too bad we couldn’t book it for more days!  The views are fantastic, there’s so much to do.  The sites are spread out and all are pretty much water front. 

Around 930, it was time for bed and get showered.  It was so nice having a shower in the RV!  Getting the kids ready for bed is definitely better than camping.  It took a while to get the temperature right for the shower, that was tricky but other than that, it was great!  The kids went to sleep on the top bunk and that area is actually bigger than the main bed.  It took us a good hour to get the kids to bed though, hoping we will get faster at it!

The adults went back out for a night around the campfire, and we called it a night around 11:30.  Everyone was really tired from our long, successful first day of RV life.  So far, everyone is loving it!  Toffee especially.  This will likely be one of her last trips with us.  She’s living her best life =) 

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