RV Pickup Day

This trip has been planned since last year and the kids are soo excited to go on an RV trip! We are going with Tammy and Erica’s families.  When we started planning, we weren’t sure how COVID was going to play out, but thought we would at least be able to travel within BC. We even avoided going all the way to Alberta so we made a conscious effort to stay within BC. We thought an RV trip would be perfect for avoiding people and hotels altogether.  What we didn’t plan for was forest fires. The fires in BC this year are worse than ever. We had contemplated changing our destination to the island but camp sites are so hard to come by. There was really nowhere we could go.  Luckily though our stops weren’t in evacuation alert or order.  So we either had to bite the bullet and go despite and smog, or just not go altogether. Everything seemed like day to day decision until about 2 weeks ago when we went to Naramata when the smog seemed at its worst, and the kids were totally fine.  So we decided to just go! 

We booked our RVs months ago from Rvezy which is like an Airbnb for RVs.  By the time we booked them, most of the RVs were already booked.  I was trying to look for the smallest RV that’ll fit us since Wes isn’t used to driving one and most of them were already booked up by the time we booked ours.  I feel like I booked the last one!

We picked up our RV on Friday so we could furnish it before we started our trip.  Luckily, Cheryl was able to drive the kids to golf and also took them for the rest of the day while we went to deal with the RV.  The owner spent 1.5 hours telling us about all the ins and outs of the RV.  Too bad our RV wasn’t newer but it’s still in pretty good shape!  There’s lots to remember between how the power works, and the water, and the appliances.  I spent the rest of the day cleaning the Rv and furnishing it with all our stuff and moving in all the food we bought.   Wes said he wasn’t as excited after driving the RV home and hearing it rattle all the way but the kids are excited!