Mother’s Day 2020

First off… I cooked a meal. Yeah, I actually did it.

The day started off with the kids making breakfast for Mommy. They needed a little bit of help, but all in all they did a great job. They made Mommy some pancakes with maple syrup, some fresh fruits, coffee, and freshly squeezed orange juice.

They also told Mommy that their present to her, would be that they would both be very good that day.

I was planning a dinner for our family that night. I ordered from the Top Table Group. A conglomerate or fancy restaurants which were offering many of their signature dishes from their restauraunts; of which you could bring home, preprare, and cook yourself. The 4 restaurants in the Top Table Group are Thierry (desserts and pastries), Blue Water Cafe (a favourite restaurant of Lisa and mine), Elisa (a great steak place), and Cin Cin (Italian). I ordered a simple but what I thought was an exciting menu, and picked it up at 3pm from Elisa in Yaletown.

I started to cook around 5:30pm to try to get everything ready for a 6:15pm dinner. I set the table outside on our patio, and tried to make everything fancy.

Here was the menu:

  • Burrata And Heirloom Beet Salad dressed with an orange vinaigrette and pistachios.
  • Smoked Salmon Terrine served with pumpernickle bread.
  • Cincin veal and pork bolognese, 6hr bolognese penne pasta
  • The famouse, Blue Water Cafe Miso Sake Glazed Sablefish, served in a vegetable medley, yuzu ginger dashi
  • Molten Chocolate Cake (Ready To Bake), brandy truffle center, caramel sauce

Like I said, fancy right?!?!?! I was pretty nervous cooking it, for I wanted the timing to be right, the food to be nice and hot, and I didn’t want to mess anything up. Luckily, it turned out really well; and I think Lisa and the kids were impressed. I don’t think they knew I had it in me. hahaha

Here are some photos from our dinner.

All in all, a very sucessful Mother’s day, and most importantly, a happy Mommy!

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